Secret achiement 2 is rigged

yes…another topic talking abit secret achiement 2

or it doesn’t count accounts that are created on that device twice

i killed over 20 people via creating new accounts with other device but IT DIDN’T WORK!
i tried to do it around 1h and now im mad >:(

It still works perfectly fine. I did it a little over a week ago on a new account.

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Why i dont get it ;-;

its pronounced “achievement”

It’s spelt “it’s”


Its not just kill 20ppl I think.
In my noob days I went to pvp everyday, to claim gems and xp (like 500-600 gems daily if you go down to bout 8gems per kill, ez gems for me at that time), I killed so many players and I got it when my acc was like 4 month old (didnt went much pvp anymore, but sometimes), and well I’m still not sure how I got it, I just killed a player and got it.

Info says ‘‘own a random player in battlefield’’, but tbh I’m not sure what that should mean.

*other players, not random

what that means

20 different people in the same world im pretty sure.


I did that

Try 25 people in one world in one session


Well im pretty sure that is it

here’s how to get alot of players to kill:

  1. get in a pvp world
  2. gm about free sycthe
  3. kill as many of the players as possible
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