Seeing Dev

Just want show this, cuz i dont think that u meet Dev in Pixelstation everyday.

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Who’s your username in the picture?

i actually met dev once in CLASH but im not very hyped if i see mod/admin, cuz they are just another humans.

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The only admin that I’ve seen is Jake… when you go to the same world as he goes in a stream.

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I have a nice SS of me scamming dev 1 soil on my old computer


Now that’s a reason why CLASH clan full of well-knowns & hungry fame people.

He is enjoying the game. Saw him a few times in jet races.

I’m this blue boi in the Jumpsuit.
Btw Fullsuit is one of t he best sets ingame for me.
If u one day seee me u probably see me in a Jumpsuit.
I only change set for things like Fishing, Mine, Nether etc.
I think thats more than u expected as my answer lol

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