Seems like PW is following Steam

In what way?
Well, Steam has 2 usernames for your account: Your Login and your Username.

Once you set your login, it cannot be changed. Also, older steam accounts have their emails as their logins. I’m thankful I got an actual login, though. They did the exact same database mistake as PW.

Your username can be changed at any time you want.

You also have a steam account ID (quite a lot of IDs…), for example #76561198261097951.

Now, PW wants to add display names that are freely changeable. So that brings you to the same 3 identificators as on Steam: Username (Login), Display Name (Username), and Account ID (SteamID).

Seems like when PW was created, the devs would learn from Valve’s mistakes and not create a database where the keys are usernames instead of IDs. But well, seems like we’re stuck with our usernames until display names arrive, if they even do arrive.


Step 1) Assign each player an id.

Step 2) Start using ids instead of usernames for identification.

(Doesn’t matter whether that would be replacing the usernames with ids in the database or looping through players and checking through their id to find the right one.)

I am 007
0 bc
0 gems
7 Bans and warnings
Or you can call me 6942069

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Hi 82928019
Hello 0292726
Hi guys
Hi 9282729!
I am 0373785 all of you are arrested

Yeah, but is there a problem in following someone’s footsteps? I don’t see what the bad thing is, because it’s like following in your dad’s footsteps or a friend’s footsteps.

We already have a unique ID number, i noticed it when looking for an Avatar picture yesterday…

I’ve redacted it a bit for this post… but you get the idea