Sell 3 character worlds

m0s m0n a3s n1w a4u c1b xe0
@Gregg might like this cuz he such xeo fan

Xeo is my BEST friend :star_struck:

Do u want the world lol

I like Xeo, but I dont like him that much :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

And how much xe0 is xd

1.3k :wink:

So 13 PLs? Or do you use BC? You need to specify.

All people here use byte coins as currency so we don’t need to specify because you can’t get over it.
Pretty much no one in game nowadays say “sell pixie wings for 2wls” they use “sell pixie wings for 500bc”
People use wls IF they sell very expensive items, like dp’s, blood halo etc.


Pineapples, apples?

Unfortunately you have forgotten you can only trade bc

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World trading is a thing.

World trading is a thing, but no one isn’t so desperate to trade world locks because of just trading world locks is more fun.

i assume you’re one of these kids who gave bad review to pw because you can’t trade world locks anymore.

No. My review is praising PW.

“I will not show my name”
“I’m Ondrasheek06 in-game”
The duality of man

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I used to have my full real name on the google account, and then I edited it.

Can you first clear that world

I hate doing that

plot twist: you ARE Xeo

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when the impostor is sus2 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes, you should.

Also before the update, you should have clarified whether the price is in wls or soil blocks, maybe lava lamps?