Selling a (probably) rare world with 3 dropped wls in it

Hello guys, So you probably read the title correctly, yes i am selling this world, probably a auction sorta.

I’ve quit PW for a long time and came back just to sell this beauty for once and for all, I am gonna miss it, sorta

IMPORTANT: Underpayed prices are not gonna be generally accepted, I am only accepting what is fairly a good price, If it is too overpriced and you are pretty dang sure about it, thats fine.

The thing is i don’t have a selected price for how much the world would cost, Probably around a 180k?
280k? i don’t know you decide, The world’s going to be rare in years or so if pixel worlds survive that is, So please, if you’re willing to accept the price and everything let me know.

World name is


I’ll be looking for whereabouts offer, and see if the decision is final, Once the world is sold, i’ll alert everyone.

Thousands of these types of worlds exist. I own almost a hundred of them. They’re worth 5k at most.

Shouldn’t they cost more? i feel like these worlds are pretty damn rare tbh

Anyone could drop wls in worlds between the years of 2016-2021.

we know that captain obvious.

If that’s obvious then it should be also obvious that these worlds aren’t rare.

worth nothing in my opinion :man_shrugging:

I’d be interested to know the value of ‘dropped’ locks
They are very rare .

The world with that name is worth very little …

Too many letters and it doesnt mean much

they are really common if you look for them, everyone did deposit locks in worlds before they became untradeable

I’m probably just unlucky on them …

Of course I’ve seen them in worlds but I’ve never broken a lock with one in

I am well north of 500 locks broken I’ve long since stopped counting how many

whoa bub what if i filled a world with dropped wls

It’s impossible now, surely?

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