Selling some rare items (and familiars)

Selling some rare items from all the way back. Just dm me on discord si jay #9162 or pm me here.

Dark cherub
Full green bouncy set
2017 UNNAMED nether ball
2017 UNNAMED ghost familiar ( I know that this is a seasonal item but this was purchased during the first time it was released so im not sure if that adds to its value)
Blue puffy hair
Winter necklace
Mystery dude cape
Plague mask

Your ghost familiar seems pretty rare to me, maybe you should keep it since it’s extremely hard to find, bought the first day it was released and it’s unnamed too. Well it’s your choice.

im not sure about that because ive asked alot of people they said even if the pet is very old its the same price
i sold my flamer 1190days for same price as the others with 30days old i even had a hard time selling it
ps: its unnamed

He said he has it since it was released, it’s almost impossible to find a familiar like that. It costed 80k gems back then and on top of that it’s unnamed. No one is probably going to pay even 5 wls more for it so that’s why I think he should keep it.

my flamer is also there since the first release its just 20days young
than the first release and seems like the price is still the same

That is a huge difference, even 1 day difference is huge.

i dont think people would even check pet days how old they are (fammiliars) xD
they use them for looks not for age

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