Selling worlds made easier

Could it be possible to add an option to pixelstation where you could post up worlds for sale?like an npc Or maybe add it in the pwe as a category.

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That’s actually a really cool idea. It would probably be best kept as a PWE category, but it would be awesome if people could list worlds for Bytes, and you could visit them with a buttons press. That said though, you would also have to let people report worlds through this, because there would definitely be some scams going on if it went unmoderated.

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Problem with this is that lots of people will misread world names due to similar characters and they will rush to buy if the price is low. It’s also impossibly hard to know what the actual world looks like, or what’s in that world. Since the pwe trade is instant, there could be items dropped at that present time, hence cancelling the trade.

To be fair, this wouIdn’t be anyone’s fauIt but their own.

And it’d still be an issue, regardless of how they purchased the world.