Serious spamming

Ok if I get banned for naming and shaming a subj acct then so be it.

I’m SICK of the current wave of subj accts spamming me when I’m in my world’s …

I counted at least 6 yesterday in the space of 15 minutes, 3 more when I went back later

They turn up spam their discord server - which is clearly part of some scam.
Send you friend request
Also change their skin thro multiple colours.

I’ve banned a few , taken loads of pictures etc

Then just now 3 more in the space of 10 mins

They have even signed my visitors book effing idiots!!

Here’s a pic of that before I delete it.

Wtf is going on - it’s so bad it’s making this world unplayable

Where are the mods ??

I’ve reported two of the ones just now.

Whoever is doing this is being smart as their visit is short making it hard to record and both ban. By using so many different accts they get to push their message

I know the Devs can do an IP ban , please do so

Rant over :rage::anger:

Actually my rant isn’t over

Just had 3 more ffs.

If I can convert the video I took I’ll upload it

Do I have to spam the forum to get someone to look at this ?

Yes these are Bots, they have been banning them over and over but they only come back.