Share your desktop!

As it might seems… i am bored, share pictures of your desktop here :sunglasses:

Here’s mine:
Screenshot 5_19_2021 10_53_24 PM


no i dont want to too much files and school stuff

A picture of Uncle Ben in crispy 360p Yes I will probably change the wallpaper


My Desktop is just white with a quote in the middle.

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A great quote and a great meme. XD

Respect! :policeman:

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theres nothing on my desktop lol i find everything in file explorer

Mine is empty as well, XD.

I like to keep it clean.

where do u guys put ur stuff then

File Explorer.
My file explorer is well-organized so it is not hard to find documents.

didnt even know there was such a thing as… file explorer,where to download

it comes with your pc. or maybe it is just a Windows thing idk. It is on your taskbar.

yea nvm i already know,i just forgot about it im so dumb lol

Im proud that my desktop is clean and stuff, can’t say that about my file explorer…

yes u guessed it, its this one:

I don’t use a desktop. I run all my apps through the terminal

It’s on my forum background Deere

Here’s mine
I have it ironically


Why is nobody actually following the rules of this thread? They said desktop, not the picture used on your desktop.

I don’t have many games lol


Messy as expected xd no wonder you still had old forum tabs open

It’s not messy if I know where everything is
also forums tabs shortcuts aren’t even on the desktop.