Should everything be devalued now?

I reckon you will only appreciate where I’m coming from on this if you are an active current player

Quite simply values have gone so high in last few months it’s become ridiculous…

Today at Pixel station a player was trying to sell 95 door seeds for 11k so I say to him you have no chance … I check the PWE next to me wtf !

I farmed ~ 170 yesterday for mixing it took no time and it’s easy…

Is farming now the most profitable thing in the game? I have been making fortunes selling off leftovers . On this basis my seed bank would be worth 2M+ (not just door seeds of course)

I’m also constantly approached for BC or donations - there is only so much i can give . Most can’t afford to buy! It’s all because values have reached and passed unaffordable

Finally with all the price manipulation and fake sales i rarely buy anything of value straight from the buying page it’s all offers and study whatever it is price

  • overnight i finally picked up the leaf knight chest armour 45k via offer - just look at it’s sales graph and price listings . That’s less than half current values . I’ve bought the whole set in this way taken 2-3 weeks .

Is it the vast millions made by the hosts of gambling orientated games? Is that why PW have at last decided to ban them! (I’m in total agreement on that btw)

I HATE FAKE SALES FFFFFS :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Rant over :grin:

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Perhaps PW gas decided high values are good because it gets players, especially new ones to spend more real money on the game to get gems and bc… :thinking:

no worries, @EkipAli is gonna fix it real soon


I don’t really see it as an issue, everything goes up including my profit and earnings

everyone is so demotivated to farm so now gems and farmables are 10x more valuable than they used to be.

Maybe but I think it’s because almost all players want an instant hit (return)

For farming to work first you have to get a super organized storage with no stuff just dropped under blocks nor randomly in chests. You cannot mass farm with growth potions neither… breaking potions on certain blocks for sure

In short it takes months .

Once you have a deep seed bank and organized it’s actually fairly straight forward…

Granted some blocks are very hard to get in large numbers, which is another reason folks don’t do it

None of the above is about money (BC / Gems) it’s all about TIME

I have never bought a cross breeding seed! So I have spent nothing

I’ve strip mined numerous worlds and endlessly hunted Lava and all types of stuff … Again zero BC just a little time

Nowadays anything that can be cross bred if I have a chance I’ll break it for a seed, even safes . Unless i want the world intact. I do use my resources to repair/better worlds as well. I find i sit on on too many worlds just because I like them or they are ‘different’ - that list is long :grin:

I think that just another reason for items to continuously rise in value is the fact a lot of them don’t have many active owners making them way easier to hoard and inflate their value. Stuff like doors rises massively mainly because of safes and storing props overall having very high demand nowadays.