Should i make PW on scratch for fun lol

Its possible to make multiplayer games, i mean, it wouldn’t 100% be pixel worlds but a little… worse.

Anyways, there (probably unless i figure out a way to do it) wont be any save functions.

anyways, i made the move script already

If its bugging rn, just wait a bit cuz im working on it and it takes a while for the changes to show

Well… Bug


I was also planning on doing this a few years ago, but I abandoned my project just like I abandon most of my unfinished projects.

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Im making a chat function rn lol

Remix it and do smth with it if u like

Do it ! This would be awesome

Link to game. Please do not press 1 and 2 at the same time as it will break the multiplayer.

Ayyy it works! @vanoyt383_pro .

ok i wasted all my time on this and realized it wont work

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