Should worlds be allowed to turn into promotion centers?

I don’t see why should a world in a game that was meant to be a hangout turn into a world where every third block has a sign to tell you about their discord. We know. We aren’t going to join it, and 1000 signs isn’t going to change that. It’s like throwing a party with friends but every 10 seconds you say “Subscribe to me on my Twitch channel: [link]”. It would definetely turn the party into a nightmare.

It’s forced. They wanted to promote their account for more subscribers and I’ve been noticing them to active worlds lately.

Should they? Yes. Keep adding restriction, and you won’t feel like playing game. That being said, the world rating system is there for you to use. Also, leave the world if you don’t like it. With enough players leaving because of the annoyance, time will tell the owner or whoever is in charge that whatever they’re doing is killing the world.


So when you say should people be allowed turn worlds into promo centres
Do you want them to confiscate the world again or something totul may be annoying but he’s not breaking the rules

World is owned by him so he can do such promotions if he wants to as it does not break any of the existing In-game rules. He can snap and change that hangout world into parkour if he wishes to do so and you have no say into it as it is not yours. If you do not like the world because of it, use rating system and leave the world. It is not complicated.

To be absolutely honest, I liked LOVE more when it was confiscated.

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I don’t care either way never used the world anyway

I’ve taken that factor into account. It’s obvious that there are people that don’t like it at all. And due to the lack of a proper social world that isn’t region-heavy such as Suomi, LT or Turk makes Love one of if not the only active social worlds.

It seems like there is a demand for a world to socialise in without having the owner constantly promote their socials in every corner of the world or take it’s popularity as a profiting spot.

If this truly is an issue, I might finalise my decision on creating a group dedicated on designing a world purely for the community, not for exploiting it for fame or the profits.

And it is also unfair that only some countries get their social worlds. There are quite a bit of Czech people in the game, yet the world “czech” has nothing but a lock, 2 magnets and a lever to turn them off/on. I’d also bet that Czech was not actually made by someone that actually is Czech.

How unfair is exactly that? I’ve seen your thread about this. Perhaps stop thinking as if you are all that matters? Maybe consider building it yourself to represent your community? If you don’t want to do it, don’t expect others to do so. And when they don’t, do not complain about it.

Like before said, if a world becomes a promotion centre it might be annoying but you can simply ignore it, no need to make a fuss about it and like the others said

As long as it doesn’t break the game rules, it’s kind of ok