Shout out to New pw Youtube Channel

Hello guys! Ive been doing my Youtube Channel for now like 3-4 weeks and i really need you to atleast check it out or subscribe please check it out If u want!
Channel: Fazeus pw

I really appreciate If u subscribe!

Mabye i could suggest something for your youtube career.

  • make a youtube thumbnail
  • improve editing skills (kinemaser is so easy to edit videos)
  • make the intro less ( around 5-10secs)
  • ive used that screen recording before, adjust the settings by turning on: Shake screen to stop recording and Invisible record button if recording.
  • you have to know where and what time to cut a video (ex. your talking and we saw your white keyboard - should be cut.)
  • you can get any songs in the channel NoCopyrightMusic 100% no copyright and free to use as long as you added channel credits.
  • make it entertaining

Good luck, will subscribe if i see your channel is worth to watch with…

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Man… I make thumbnails for my vids. Just dont get where i could put it.
Im using Powerdirector Premium now btw

download youtube studio for cp(cellphone).

Alright bro my last video that includes all u named above.
Does it worth to watch for you?<3

you dont have to give me credits, just trying to help.
i already subscribed ftw. good luck.

Ty so much man u really helped me improve my skills<3