Signal collector gate

Sometimes you need to check if at least one of multiple inputs are on. In minigames, for example, where there are traps activated, and multiple signals are connected to a trap. Since props/blocks and stuff only accept 1 input, I use or gates to connect these multiple signals together, and then connect the output to the trap.

However, I just found out, that the amount of or gates required for my project would be incredibly high.

Too much or gates -

  1. Cost a lot.
  2. Hard to keep track of.

What if we had a gate, that accepts a lot more than 2 inputs, and outputs 1 if at least one of the inputs is on?

Or instead, let props/blocks have more than 1 input.


So, any thoughts?

This would be cool

Also you are starting to remind me of another forumer now

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I think a more fitting name could something along the lines of Large OR Gate.

It definitely would make things easier and less cluttered, so I would like to see it, possibly also with a Large AND Gate version (so I also don’t have to chain AND Gates for certain applications).

My only worries are that it isn’t easy to implement for the developers. It would be the first Gate to have more than 2 inputs and I don’t know if that’s an issue, depending on how their exact implementation of Wiring is. It also could be a bit confusing for people new to Wiring, but I don’t think that’s too likely.