Simple trick to open gem pouches alot faster

  1. Open any Safe/chest (by wrenching)

  2. Click the gem pouches in your inventory, which will result the game to not load the gem screen UI.

  3. Exit the safe/chest, and you’ve cut down alot of time of opening gem pouches.


Does this work with other items like xmas present?

nope, because the Xmas presents, chocolate boxes, bronze/silver/gold chests have a different functionality to open up an entire unlockment booster screen. This was also tested.

This is awesome, I wish I knew this before opening 300 lmao thanks xD

this is epic. time to bookmark to tell myself i’ll remember even though i probably won’t.

Is there even faster way? Opening 999 with that method still taking ages.

I actually been doing this for a while lol

I’ve known about this, sometime before Halloween.
It’s a pretty neat trick to use. :smiley:

Breaking your finger / using illegal macros