Siskea will leave Kukouri 1.12.22

Honestly, this is the final nail to the coffin for PW. GG.


I asked on Roberts post …

But will also here .

Has she said why?

What mention (or not) of Koukuri’s plans?

Lol, and I again correctly predicted that PW should be shut down.

1 single dev. ONE. SINGLE. PIXEL. WORLDS. DEVELOPER. maintaining a whole game with a community of thousands of people.

This is just getting ridiculous, and PW should shut down already.

I don’t agree, that’s written almost in bitterness

It should be the opposite, expanded and developed…


Yes, it should. But has PW been developed further ever since Jake left?

he’s always been a bitter person. The one time he’s right and he starts fearmongering to oblivion.

The game needs to be sold, that’s what needs to happen


There’s actually 3. Lokalapsi and Bbricks and a third one, The artist, that I don’t know The name of

To who though?

(20 chars)

Best bet: EA or Ubisoft.

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Me and games12

its december 1st, bad things happens. Well sadly even lower peoples work on the game, welp-

almost christmas guys

Sad fr

reasons i should be a developer:

i have no interest in improving the game
i have communication issues
i try my best at all times. source: trust me bro

i think i meet all the recent criteria


you forgot to mention that you also accept barely liveable wage

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She’s said in Ctalk, she’s gotten an offer that she couldn’t refuse from another companii - @Siskea


For pixel worlds standards you will actually be developer very easily. Like you will be the average developer and hell even mod fr

Finally gggggggggggggg

wait so its color update? (only legends can understand)