So I'm playing [X] now

…and somehow even that is more fun than what has become of PW. Seriously, what is there to even do now? Just mine and mine and mine?

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Bro went on the pw forums just to advertise another game while trashing on this one

CEO of negativity everyone :clap:


Yeah currently there isn’t that much to do in the game if you’ve been playing for a while… But the summer update will hopefully bring some freshness to the game (even if it will be the same event lol)

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That is what you call a good promoter! We need him for EA sports.

Go try club penguin ban speedruns i heard htey are fun

Nah both Habbo Hotel and Pixel World are already past thier prime time, just go outside probably better.

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At least Habbo Hotel still gets actual updates.

I edited this post to not sound like advertising anymore.

That Neoslayer for you the CEO of fun and positive, he just love doing that.