So will there be a livestream next week?

Because Jake has permanently resigned to being a community manager, he will not be doing streams anymore. Will there be a livestream with a new streamer next week, or will it be put on hold until someone is found?

Either what you just said or, this will all be in the past and we will no longer get videos/livestreams.

Sadly this is a really likely outcome. The streams are what kept PW alive and interesting, as the updates were crap.

He literally said there wont be any livestreams for a while

Siskea might do livestreams but its up to them


I wasn’t on the last livestream because then I would literally cry.

So it’s 99% that livestreams are permanently discontinued.

He didn’t say permanently, he said for a while


For what while? That is extremely subjective. In terms of the universe’s creation, 10 million years is a while.

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good grief ondrashek

You can use some common sense sometime you know

Never say never, We haven’t even got the new community manger yet, so we still don’t know if we will get streams I wouldn’t say its unlikely. I would wait for the new developers to come.

and in 10 million years the sun will explode