Some bugs are annoying but can be resolved if exit world

Several months many find 5 annoying little bugs

1.Fish caught Wont Disappeared

2.Fishmongher small bug no need exit world

  1. Im not exit yet but system caught has left world

  2. Max death count

5.Byte coin Disappeared,you alsoneed exit world first to get a back a bytecoins

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I was nervous because i had 10k bc last month and when ive entered PIXELSTATION and looked to the pwe, then immediately saw my bc turned back to 9k ( sold my own arasaka for 1.5k, the reason why i got 10k in the first place), after leaving, my 10k returned unexpectively. this thread should be noticed.

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Hahah yes i hope will get notice ,much bug i found but i dont have proof