Some list of weapon good for nether and secret base


  • green laser sword
  • blue laser sword
  • green bouncer shield
    (reply to this topic if there is more please)
    secret base:
  • dark sword
  • red laser sword
  • green laser sword
  • blue laser sword
  • ray-gun
  • arasaka LLP-X5
  • sir laser helmet
    (reply this topic if there is more)
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Anything that does water damage is somewhat great for nether. Any weapon that deal air damage is never ideal for Secret Base.

so?? any idea to add in the topic?

Poseidon’s Trident and any Water Gun for Nether
Flame Sword, HHB for SB

  • Red and Purple sabers deal 130-135 dark damage
    I suggest adding Astro Cannon since it deals 125 dark damage and also has a critical hit chance
  • Swift slicer deals 130 earth damage and it’s surprisingly good in nether

for nether u can use dark sword and green bouncer shield and especially gren bouncer shield is cheap and OP in nether, for sure the others are better, but they are much expensiver.