Some of my Art

Just a few here to keep you entertained while waiting for the comic

Here is Knull the symbiote God along with the dragon symbiote
Grendel from Venom.

And Mary Jane “MJ” Watson but CARNEGIZED


10/10 would recommend

You should publish

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Yeah you are right I guess

what the…
this is the best art i ever see
very nice 10/10

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Haha thanks, I will be making tons more in the future

The question is… where?


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That’s where most professionals or people who can make better art than me are

nono you are good go do it

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Nah man I’ll get turned over XD

Okay I revived this just because I have a new deviantart account. Anyways here is something new (and is my firs post in deviantart)

Edit: From now on whenever I feel like posting my art, I will post it here and in other media


OMG this so awesome!

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Thanks :smiley:

It looks like proffesional drawing, nice!

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Yeah thanks bud!

My deviant art: here MDCArt User Profile | DeviantArt

Advice from my friend and I. On Amazon, you can sell these pieces of art for a good bit of money and they wont tax you that much. So if you don’t sell the art pieces you wont lose money so maybe you could consider? :+1: Besides, the artwork is very good and I loved your dedication on this.

Great advice, I wish to sell my art via commissions and other stuff but I am still pretty young and at the same time I just only recently started posting art on social media. But yeah I will most likely sell some art in the future :slight_smile:

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Dw bro you should keep practising this skill and talent to get the most value for your future. I wish you the best of luck :smiley:

Thanks! I’ve been drawing for a few years, it’s just now im preparing for this stuff and money

EDIT: I actually been drawing for a bulk of my life

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