Some one stolen from me

Some one enter my world and took my soil blocks what can i do with no soil block now i quit

With all respect there are almost endless supply of soil blocks in unclaimed world’s - of which there are too many to count.

As such your post makes no sense

i hope you’re joking ducatis🗿

Dude I will happily donate stacks to you!

I have some in one of my mothballed farms in a chest. A stack in my block storage as well …

So take two, not that you can carry two stacks .

If you are feeling up for it, rn I have a full stack of soil block seeds you can have , they would give you 3-4 stacks, grow instantly and are easier to carry FREE

where has understanding jokes gone into

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I wondered?

Maybe it’s all the noobs I keep meeting in the game … this is sort of everyday in there