Some suggestions for this site (lemme know if any already exist/count as existing ones)

2 Forum Games categories; One for PW-related games, the other for offtopic games. These are pretty much for the forum games everyone puts here, and so we don’t have to have “Forum Game” on our clipboards all the time.

Categories related to theories, Pixelian showcases and original characters.

Categories for other social medias PW has, like Instagram.

A category for Best Set entries.

A category for “semi-offtopic” content (eg: an art style swap between PW and another piece of media but the latter is the main focus, content that references/mentions PW without directly showing it, etc).

A feature that lets you change the colors of your fonts, but to prevent confusion with readers, the colors are pre-set and change depending on what site theme you have (eg: light green font with dark mode turns dark green with light mode).


Well… we have the Pixel Pub category on the forums.

We kinda have that with the Lore category.

Guess you can make a thread in General for that.

Hmm… well now we don’t have the light theme (it’s here but it’s not working)

It’s could be cool i guess to have a custom font but this is not necessary


wut lol

(Once again I should have mentioned that I don’t really like the 20 character minimum limit but then again I understand why that’s there)

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No bro lol not you :rofl::rofl::rofl: I was speaking to Retnos

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That’s not the point of the topic tho

Anyways to keep this reply related to the thread, I guess the forum ones are good, maybe the best set one could fit into Community Creations or General. No words for the semi-offtopic one, same thing for the one that lets you change the font colors.

Oh oops lol sorry

20 character limit plz stop

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Ay its calm my g dw :smiley:

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