Some worlds do not appear on the "Active Worlds" list

I’ve playing this game for some time and I’ve noticed that some worlds do not appear on the “Active Worlds” list. My world called MTY always appears on the active worlds list and sometimes I enter the world and stay there for only 5 seconds and someone already sees my world on the active worlds list and enters the world. You can tell by how many ratings it has. Then I have spent lots of time in my other worlds, world clearing or other reasons, I’ve spend hours in my world and not a single person came.

Why is that?

some world has to fade away its fame. active world is shown if there are active activites going on to the world or is crowded.

This have also happened to me, it seems like “older” worlds tends to be on the Active Worlds list.

Everytime I visit some of my worlds that I have created in the early days, I always receive people entering it. Then I ask them how did they find me, and they reply that they found the world on the Active World list, eventhough I was the only one in the world.

This barely or rarely happens on my other worlds that I use “freaquently” I could say.

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This seems to happen to a few of my worlds as well. Im not sure, its older worlds like what heyricky said. When I was building Gridtrack, back in the summer to fall of 2019 that world was first created people would go there all the time. However, its the same worlds this occurs to (Atleast for me).