Something weird happened on pixel worlds discord server today

Yo so someone in my friends list sent me an ss of him getting called the n word in discord by Starfire. Then I told everyone but my friend only showed them the screenshots in pm. Then a huge argument started about whether or not you could inspect messages on the discord app on phone and pc. But I ended up getting perma banned by starfire after saying Ill make a discord group chat and show all the screenshots my friend sent me. She was also talking about @Neoslayer in these chats but im gonna show him them privately. I dont really care I got banned perma even tho i started today and I was the only one who got banned so I feel a bit upset :frowning: . And then there is Tumpii2 idk who he is but he is saying I act nice fakely which also upset me. But meh thats life you gotta have haters. Btw if anyone wants these screenshots reply but ive got seperate ones for neoslayer only.

dont you guys have anything else to do other than digging into other peoples life

What you mean, hes my real life friend and I wasnt digging in and Im assuming you didnt even read the the thread bro.

You are irl friends with neoslayer?

No not him, my other friend

Who apparently got called the n word by starfire and the ss shows she did but idk

discord ss’s are easy to fake but meh idc

The don’t reply if you don’t care…

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wow so smart , why i couldnt think of this!


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LOL thats exactly what im talking about

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Eh no thats inspected on google right?

Thought you didnt care though brother

You can inspect element on Discord, and I’ve known Starfire for a long while, I highly doubt she’d even consider thinking about the N word. Someone’s trying to start drama lol.

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Weird but that doesnt explain how I got banned permanent even? Isn’t that weird like I literally just joined today and I dont remember violating any rules in the discord server?

So any ways to get unbanned lol I really wanted to use the server to promote my channel.

Maybe you should stop bringing up private information about people everywhere you go

But even if I did do that, why would I get perma banned on a discord server?

I already know this post is bs so I’m not even gonna read it lol