Sorry for the unexpected hiatus + More friggin suggestions lol

Yeah sorry I randomly left but I was busy with a lot of stuff

But I’m back for more suggestions :smiley:

(NOTE: Some of these may be repeated because I can’t keep track of things lol)

Customizing worlds before their creation. So pretty much this means having differently-sized worlds made up of random things like chair trees or jelly dirt or all the lava replaced with sofas in a completely flat world or a mountainous world that looks like a junkyard or even a world with nothing at all to save the lives of terraformers. However, the components of these custom worlds should only be made of either already discovered recipes, so if you want a world made of jelly you need to discover the jelly recipe.

Gauntlet weapons. They’re basically gloves but stronger than fighting bare-handed.

An easier way to get those level up abilities like the water breathing and fart jumping (forgot what they were called), but easy as in same difficulty but without involving levelling up.

Yeah I really need to make more original posts lol

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