Speedrun.com official announcement

Hello Pixelians of Pixel worlds i was thinking because i sign up at www.speedrun.com

and i really want to realase new series about

speedrunning in Pixel worlds game:

  1. this a speedrun challenge

2.no cheaters allowed in speedrun

3.fair use of Gems speedrun

4.no scamming

5.rules in Pixel worlds always

more i’ll add soon

May I ask what the end goal is? What are you supposed to speedrun to?


Although Pixel Worlds isn’t listed on www.speedrun.com, quite a few people have already done and uploaded Pixel Worlds speedruns to YouTube, including Jake himself, so there’s definitely a community for it, a niche one at that though.

The most common type of speedrunning within the community at the moment is speedrunning to X amount of world locks, but you could always come up with some interesting new categories for the community to compete in.


I would like to see anyone speedrunning Nether
(No Potions)

I did that like a year ago. No believe go on the discord and look it up. Last year before all those speedrun wl vids I did it 3 TIMES before the first vid camew out

Interesting. Coming up with an interesting category might be a problem, though, since the game changes pretty often.


anything you like from gems to even world locks.