Spycamera for World

Spycam so u can add in Clan or Own worlds for security to see all players who have entered in last 24 hours and if they take items, drop items, Break or Add items.
All visible so if there is Thiefing this includes items inside Safes and Quantums.

List of 100 max items in last 96 hours, List have consist Player name - where placed, taken, item name … Includes if used Magnet or Break.

  • this makes breaking rules easier to see and visible for Moderators instantly *



If we actually have cameras added to PW perhaps a dark fog will be a good cover to make things a little more interesting

I don’t understand the argument of “It is in gt, so it shouldn’t be in pw”

This can be applied to soil blocks, gems, wls, and everything really.


It’s probably people who want this game to be very different from GT. Which I kinda want but it won’t hurt taking a few things from GT (without getting alot making it like GT 2.0)

Please don’t ask devs to add new complicated items like that, i just want new updates lol :laughing:

Is it in GT?
Does it bring good impact?
Are there any bad downsides?
Are the downsides going to pose critical problems?
Compared to the benefit vs downside, is it worth implementing?

These are the sequence of questions people should be asking instead of that

nice idea, but sounds like its very storage heavy from a server side of things from having to log all these actions. A hundred actions per a world that has the camera in it can really add up with the scale of the game.

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I like the Idea of Spycams but I would change them a bit, they should only be vivisble for the Owner or People with full rights, Mods and Admins for sure.’

I agree that they after placing recording 24 hours and that it will get safed for another 24 hours and well after that get get deleted and if you want to you can after the first 24 hours download the video.

I think there also should be a prop that says: “Under Vision” or something if you place it people know there is a camera in the world.

Another thing I would say is that the camera cant see mods / Admins they just arent visible.

I wont program it that it can see every safe acces or recall I would just get a console that shows who entered and which rights the person have + the time.

and there camera should be like 30x30 blocks so it the servers dont crash, also may you just have safes at only 1 point of the world.

But anyway good Idea and Idc if the Camera allready exist in games like growtopia that doesnt matter, but Pixel Worlds dont have Programmers atm so they cant really add that yet.

You’ll need to be a mod to be invisible but you will need to be in the world

On this i have a comment.

if someone, perhaps you, leaves something dropped (floating) in an unlocked world and a visitor picks it up intentionally or accidently i would say it’s your fault for leaving it like that …

In many cases the visitor might be in a world that no one else has visited for months - even years! They would have no way of knowing

It’s easy to argue one of the key aspects of the games function is the concept of locking worlds , placing stuff under blocks, or in storage - tiny chests to clamshells !