Starbridge Hair

Does anyone know the starbridge hair’s reference?

Katana zero.

you’re welcome.

It’s actually a male hair? Nice.

Aleah Starbridge.

You are welcome.


Katana zero better than Aleah Starbridge.

You are welcome. (x2)

Thank you guys so much :0

What about the Red Anime Hair and the Cotton Candy Dream Hair? They look really familiar. Do they have a reference aswell? :thinking:

I hope they add a full anime hair booster some day lol. I’d love some green spiky hair that looks like Ban’s from Seven deadly sins

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If you’d like guys, I can edit this topic into “Item’s references” and we could use it to ask reference for different items in game

Not really - just some iconic hairstyles or mixture of such. Not some specific character or person to pay tribute to. Usually if the hair has color variations it is not a tribute to anyone - it’s just a hairstyle that people might want in different colors to match their set or irl look etc. :slight_smile:

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