Stop suggesting the support

It’s been a long time since I’m asking for unban because of the harmless glitch in black tower I did, I’ve been emailing a lot since October 2022 (I did like 12 times (twice a month)) but it seems this “support” was just a brick wall that I’ve been talking to to unban me.


Welp I guess there is no other way for you to get unbanned, since I think you can only get unbanned once they reply to your message

There is nothing else to suggest besides contacting support for issues like this. Also, they won’t be replying if it isn’t necessary or if your email is not convincing enough.

Not to mention that this harmless glitch you are referring to was probably extremely exploitative because this ban wouldn’t last this long.

I think he is referring to the ability to use soda jetpack while in “THEBLACKTOWER”

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I am not sure how you can convince in favor of an argument for this glitch to be harmless when it was used to benefit, bypassing the requirements of the black tower (no wings/jetpacks). If we put the lack of support there, not understanding the harm it causes and arguing that it is not a big deal is a huge issue, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he will never receive a response. Also, they don’t usually check up on unban applications unless it was a false ban, meaning they did not break any in-game rules.

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i 100% agree with you, i’ve been ignored from support for more than 2 years
also they are silencing people in discord server witouth solid reasons , i got muted for 24 hours for no reason also when i asked moderator about it and we was having discussion of the sentences that moderator provided, i got kicked out from the server for also no reason
you can check my post about it btw

it is sad to see that in community we have alot of people like you who defend something that does not needs any type of support from type of members we are in this community

You got silenced for your aggressive behavior. There was no discussion because you kept inserting your argument without providing anything to substantiate that. You kept pushing it and dodging what others argued by being disingenuous.

“it really is sad to see that you guys are against community”
How is this called hearing what other people say? Not to mention that you think people are arguing for the support team and replying to nobody. That is complete nonsense. It was based on your feelings because you haven’t received a response from the support team.

Every community member would like the support team to be more active. Unfortunately, they do not have enough resources, meaning time to take care of every email. Nothing much can be done about it, especially when the game’s state isn’t great due to recent events in the past few years.

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it is crazy how you are mentioning that they have no resources to take care of alot of emails that they receive

  1. so you are saying that being aggressive is automatically WRONG?
  2. they had 2 YEARS ! to respond on multiple of emails that i’ve sent, did they responded to 1? no not even 1
  3. i see its interesting for you to talk about my situation so i am open for discord conversation, im giving you rights to record it and post anywhere you want
  1. as i can see you support SILENCING people just because they are aggressive because they incountered injustice towards them
    automatically by looking at your arguments , i can say that you are against freedom of speech
    i already sent friend request in discord, when you will find time i would like to talk with you properly about your comment respectfully
  1. when i said that they was against community i had proofs of it aswell, but guess what, on my messages people who was against my opinion was putting nerd emojis and acting childish by ending discussion after 2-3 words

I said they don’t have enough resources. Stop rephrasing what I say to write down more lies if you are trying to hear other people out and discuss things. I’ll even quote my own words for you:

That’s not what I have said. In the context that you were having a discussion, you were being aggressive. You have put down your foot that they are obligated to reply to emails, throwing away other arguments by saying this is not just opinion. You haven’t substantiated that. Also, we are talking about legal obligation because there has to be someone that enforces it. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of opinion.

There are cases where they do not reply (mostly unban applications), no matter how much you spam those emails. From my understanding, it seems that you did break the rules and got punished for it thus no unban application of yours will be read as those punishments are final.

I am not interested in discussing your particular situation. Nothing I can do about it and people already told you what happens when you break the rules, there are no unbans. I wanted to point out things that are actually factual when it comes to situations like these instead of making up stuff out of thin air as you did.

Another nonsense you made up for the sake to argue about something. If I was for silencing people, I would have just reported your posts as spam and moved on. It is clear that you didn’t look at any of my arguments because you were unable to name any of them, and couldn’t even read and quote my exact words.

You tried to attach this argument by showing images of how people disagreed. How can you even dare say that if they disagree with your opinion, it automatically means they support people receiving a ban for no reason? Nobody has made that argument, and the images you provided, haven’t shown otherwise. It was another lie that you made up because of your selfish desire.

It’s funny how in that discussion you didn’t call it an opinion and even argued about it, but now it is an opinion. And I will actually show the exact thing I am talking about instead of making up lies as you do:

It is more than clear that you only care about yourself, so stop hiding behind the word community when you attack those who are a part of it because you so badly want to be unbanned. You keep stirring up stuff like this only because of self-interest, as it was always about yourself and nobody else based on your posts here and on Discord.

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to be honest im not even going to read things that you just wrote, i sent you friend request on discord and you choose not to accept it , telling me that you are refusing to talk about this topic so there is no reason for you to come here and click on keyboard with your fingers on forums

I am not interested in arguing straw man arguments from your imagination unless you put time and effort into discussing them. You can ask for clarification if you want to know specific arguments/positions instead of assuming because you don’t understand. Otherwise, our discussion would go around in circles which would be a waste of time.

Then, you shouldn’t be surprised why I am not interested in discussing this with you because that is the general impression I get from your arguments in this thread and misunderstanding mine and others. There was not even a shred of charitability and actual interest in understanding.

You came here to argue your position for the sake of arguing instead of getting to the truth, which requires substantiating arguments with concrete evidence and not words which I pointed out already.

I’ll change my mind if you’ll actually take your time and be genuinely interested in this discussion, you can always DM me on Discord. There is no need to add me to the friends’ list. I don’t close my DMs to everyone. It’s open.

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Vaikas, there is no need to waste your precious time arguing with individuals who are only there to instigate drama, and with those who don’t have the coherency to form 1 single valid point.

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Welp, I don’t think that is going to prove your point.

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i dont like to argue with midgets on forum i offered him to talk in discord but he does not wants lol because he knows he has no arguments against me

This is just becoming antagonistic argument at this point… a mod should lock this thread

he for sure should or mr midget will be commenting here soon with huge text which makes no sense

You have attacked people before for being childish but that’s the best you came up with. Good job for proving everyone right. :joy:

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