StreetPass and a notification system

Now that PW got SpotPass, it’s time to add its counterpart: StreetPass.

StreetPass, just like the StreetPass on the 3DS, works by connecting to nearby devices. Those connections give you certain rewards and show you the PW accounts of those you connected to, so you can for example add them as friends.

Notification center is simple: It stores both SpotPass and StreetPass notifications. You get SpotPass notifications when the admins send you either a message or a gift, and StreetPass notifications when you connected to nearby devices.


Oh, this is interesting. Is it usable via bluetooth direct and is there a certain limit within the location radius?

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The original StreetPass had a 100m radius. I think this one could be like 20m.

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Nice, very interesting.

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Honestly, I don’t think Pixel Worlds is popular enough to utilise StreetPass to its fullest potential, it would be cool to see other, more popular apps implement something similar though.

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Yes yes lets add a streetpass function that barely worked for a multi billion dollar company to our small indie game!

Then why did they add SpotPass.

They are both very different things, a ingame messaging system is very different from a “street pass”. Just because they added in one doesn’t mean they will add the other. I agree with other people on this thread it just isn’t worth the time to add. The game is way to small for this kind of feature.

honestly i got scared the first time someone popped up on my mii plaza back in the day :sweat_smile: i dont think itll work ngl

StreetPass on the 3DS worked well from my experience.