Stupid reason

how incompetent are you? the player wants to play the game but you guys just seem to answer “go play outside, don’t play this game. because we are dizzy”. I mean, are you serious?

is that how you want this game no one plays? We are here to criticize, and provide input. so please give me a good response, and give a clear explanation. We are not stupid, we just want to play the games you make. you want to criticize my reasons? Just do it. I only do what I think is right.

And I know you guys are short on people, but at least, don’t dictate to people who really like the games you make. ty

Well tbf the one who are saying those things are players not the mods


The only thing I will say and I know the devs are super busy right now but they should be keeping us updated on what’s going on I.E. if there’s a rollback or a rough estimate on how long they think it will take.

You do know that everyone who has said go play outside etc are players and I am one of them honestly I’ve seen so many players get mad because of how long it’s taking think of it this way there are 2/3 devs trying to fix the game which is a lot of work for them to do.

They have to ban players.
Patch the game.
Check the patch worked double and triple check it.
If there’s a rollback that will add alot more time to the process.

He thought that the forums are the support page. No bad feelings


I think s/he thought this is support page for pw but this is forum NO BAD FEELINGS (2)

Oh you wanna try see what its like doing this?

Step 1: Take my game
Fix every bug in game

Heres a list + u need to find more:

  • Second boss scene sometimes randomly switches out for no reason
  • Surtr animations
  • calamitas not performing melee/wrong animation

People are addicted to PW. A few days without the game is the end of the world for them. They are incapable of seeing alternative activities to do that lead to letting out their frustrations on platforms related to PW. If you want to criticize developers due to recent events, that’s fine. The issue is that some of them have unrealistic expectations of such a small team.


Just for future reference, the game was going down hill real quick, some players were duplicating items and bytes and by the end of it the game would not have been playable anymore if it wasn’t for this maintenance.

With said maintenance the devs are trying to fix the current situtation, so please be a little more patient next time. I’m sure there is something else you can do while you wait for the game to be back online.

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