[SUGGESTION] Account Security Improvements

Suggestion #15

Developers should add this to improve account security and to avoid future account hacks.

  • Add Prefixes to Password
    Adding @,?,!, or more at your password will insure intruders to enter your account in a very hard way.

  • Add 2-Email Vertification (AAP)
    Enabling it will give you more protection against hackers or to those player who’ve entered their passwords In a Fake website.
    It will give you a Vertification link if you log-on to your email before entering your account in game.

Feedbacks? Reply down below.

Adding symbols to a password would indeed make the password more secure, but you could make the password longer without needing to use symbols.

Absolutely yes, I really need this. In growtopia 2016, there was a hacking scandal where many famous and rich players got hacked because of not having the 2 step verification system. There was a youtuber who put a super complicated password like nI92Mka27mMa (SweGamerHD) something like that but he still got hacked even with that password because 2 step verification system didn’t exist. (I’m not 100% sure though if the 2 step verification would have worked for this situation though) Now, why am I saying this? Maybe to motivate the devs to make it :wink:.

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You can use passwords with no symbols, there optional. Thanks for the support!

I’m okay with it. My passwords usually have all sorts of symbols either way, except for pixel worlds where it doesn’t work.

Email verification… the more, the better. I’m not sure if they have the time for it right now but I do hope it’ll get implemented in the future so that people can stop complaining about “getting hacked”, even though I do not believe in such things, no offense. I feel like whoever “gets hacked” legit got a keylogger by downloading an app from a source that wasn’t trusted, or perhaps tried one of those sites that promise you free things by entering your account information OR simply shared their account with someone they trusted wholeheartedly and welp. I could’ve missed some, I’m sure there are plenty other similar scamming methods or “hacking methods” just like the ones mentioned above.

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Actually, you can put some symbols to your account password.

This is something that the community have been waiting for so long. Hopefully, the developers can implement this into the game sometime soon. :smile:

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Ayy. Never knew it existed. Well then.