[SUGGESTION] Add ingame prefixes & Global Message remake!

Hello everyone,

If a PW Dev reads this, I do think this can be useful throughout the game.

Why not add a prefix to the game? I’d be useful to players if this existed actually.
prefix: -,~, or / or so.

  • -warpworld pixelstation
  • -mods
  • -globalmessege or -gm Hello guys, i am new here!
  • -worldlist
  • -kick jake
  • -summon jake
  • -privatemessege (-pm jake moi)

Global Message Remake

instead of todays GM
• TheReal_1NB4: gm test

Why if GM becomes like this:
• TheReal_1NB4 >> (in or WORLD: MKJ) ** : gm test
• TheReal_1NB4 (in or WORLD: MKJ) ** : gm test

This thread is a suggestion that can change the game fluently.
Hope this helps :mask:!


This feels like it just overcomplicates things a lot. By the way, you don’t need to sign your posts, we can see your username. :v:

Thanks for the reply, its just a suggestion – and is not guaranteed this will be added into the game. just trying to make the game look overrated nor entertaining.

and for the sign, some forums that ive joined uses this for important reasoning. ill stop this starting now.