[SUGGESTION] Add Player Monitor?

I mean, this is useful to people owning a lure/bsp worlds.

This ‘’ Player Monitor ‘’ is a background block/prop and is wrenchable. if someone passes to the prop then it shows if the player if he/she is online or not, and also shows how many days he/she has been inactive? wrenching it will give the functions:

  • wrenching it will give the player’s informations
  • private message the player [ if the players online ] otherwise has to buy a mailbox to do so.
    [suggested by forumers]
  • hidden mode[optional]
  • no private message [optional]
  • the design is different from GT’s heart monitor, sadly. the design is at my brain and cannot design it because am poor.

How to get one:
Crossbreed it with Hello-Bot Seed + Mannequin Seed? or just buy it in the store for gems?
collectable from quest or such…

really hope this gets added tho, but i need people’s reply, is this item bad or good ingame?

[EDIT: Although this item is useful, i do not know if this can impact negatively into the game]


I’m not sure they will add it because we have a hidden mode which means offline / online mode I hope to add that maybe they are considering making one, it’s weird to see none of their online friends always forget to turn on online mode

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Good idea! If owner can wrench it and can modify things like not allowing private messages + it would be cool if it send wiring pulse aleays when onwer is online :smiley:

this would make people super rich from inactive worlds, not sure if this will have a positive or a negative impact

This sounds like the same thing from growtopia. I think it would need more uses for it to be added!

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adds hidden mode to the suggestion* [id never turn on hidden mode because its antosocialism]

that would be cool too!

it can, but i really dont know if its bad. all i know that this item is useful.

ill think about new usage. the heart monitor from gt will be different from pw, different function and name too. so i think its different.

thanks for the apperications folks!