[SUGGESTION] Game/Forum Volunteer Moderator & Moderator

Volunteer Moderators


  • Ingame Volunteer Moderator can access reports, has less powers like muting or giving warning a player and is flagged to moderators/developers to check on the flagged player.
  • The color of the volunteer moderator’s name: Cyan


  • Forum Volunteer Moderator can access reported threads, has less powers like muting or giving warning to the forumer and has the autority to close threads, edit post, delete post or pin a thread.

We all know what moderators do in the forums or ingame, i only suggest this:
Make the moderator colored name to Blue or Dark Blue

feedbacks? reply the thread down below.


? Regular moderators are already volunteers. They aren’t being paid.


i mean, another moderator but less powers at first. if one of the developers thinks he/she is worth to become into a moderator then let he/she be.

volunteer mods has no ability to ban or whatsoever, big difference.
and yes no pay

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Then you’re basically suggesting the mod_cadet account but with slightly less power.

yes, to insure that the developers check the volunteer/assistant before promoting the volunteer moderator to its higher tier of moderation. they must check if they are worth adding to be one, not those who just want to become a moderator for fame and stuff.

just incase if this wont be added, i really hope the moderation color names would be blue. not cyan.

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like what Byrne said, we already have the Mod_Cadet account for future in-game moderators, allowing them to make use of the moderator tools without revealing their real identity yet. Another thing, even if this “Volunteer Moderator” thing is implemented, a coloured name for them is really unnecessary.

so what you mean is, there is already like this inside the game?

technically yea. IIRC, the account has been used twice by players.


The Real Question Here is, When is next mod application happen?

never knew it already existed, thanks for the info-

i dont know when, sorry.

There is no need for one right now or in the near future anyway. They could pick the players from the last one.



Too bad they don’t even try to add new moderators.
I’d like a permanent mod-cadet kinda thing, like a mini-mod ban wand kinds thing

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Looks more cool that current mods already have.


Also like everyone said, i think there’s no need for it.

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I’d like it too.
I also thinks that other veteran players deserve the mod status, i won’t say any names but yea, i think they should add more mods

No need for new mods?
Is this a joke?
Literally all the mods in discord are set on Do Not Disturb status -
I’m sitting through 10 GM spams a day, at least 4 dropgames a day, and witness at least 3 scams a day, and all while I’m fishing in my world.


I found this few days Ago:

No one of mods came to see what happened.

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:clown_face: :
“We have enough mods in game, just report it!”
The mods:

it would be a miracle if they actually use the green online mode