[SUGGESTION] Maximum Alts in game!

I mean this can be implemented.
Around 5 alts in one app should be fair to prevent maybe price fraud, sacrificing his time just to get bytecoins? > [!] The Fraud - #13 by Talek
And more bad disadvantages.

If the player has made 5 alt accounts, a pop up screen saying you’ve made the maximum amount of accounts created. Hence you can’t make alts anymore.

© to the first player who’ve suggested this on the old forums or in discord.

First suggester :medal_sports:?

IP limit? (20characters)

App alternate account limit. Or that too…

Old forums i requested have One account - where is several characters and account name Couldn’t be Character name Thousands times more secure than loggin in with Account name + Password.
So Character menu and limit for character number for 1 Email address (1 account).
To make possible to buy VIP for Account purely (monthly fee) - all characters in account.

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So what you mean is you’ve suggested it before?
I’ll add you. no confirmation tho.

?? No this is a terrible idea.

It wasn’t Device limit but it was making 1 account have exact amount characters inside … ofc no limit by device and you could choose another account to log in other characters.

I mean… someone can just use a vpn on mobile and basically create as many accounts as they want.

I think this would cause more issues for normal players than the benefit it brings.

I personally have created like over 20 accounts in the past. Most of them are just throwaway.


I don’t agree with the suggestion

I agree with that, I just don’t feel comfortable how a person earns a lot of bc with effort because of no limit of alts. (alts like subjects)

Thanks for the replies everyone!

It doesnt matter how many BC have account or not its all about how much time u have .
impossible to get full control over PWE.
Always will be one who will sell cheaper and there will be always competition about it.
Many will try run over expensive gear items buy and sell but its normal.
Lots players keep their gear and never sell that will balance prices if price goes higher those start selling.
There is over 50 000 players who will buy and sell in PWE.
Limit is just too few can sell & buy in one account.

Thanks for the feedback and I agree with that, I guess I’m just too sensitive but well, I tried.

To avoid price fraud in PWE, I’d say my suggestion of 1-hour PriceGuard added with removing all prices generated from PWE Order Fulfillment is going to tackle the majority, if not all, of the price manipulation. We might be seeing some new loopholes in the future, but as of now, I’d say that’s the most effective way.

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Dude if u make mistake add item in 10 part of price or add item with 10 times higher price adding 1 zero to end … ??
Add more items than intented and selling way cheaper or expensiver ?

There is nothing to worry about if the 1- hour pwe by append gets implemented because there will be a way for that to prevent it. I think it’s also good for the game.

Nope, only thing it makes if u make mistake u will regret for long time.
PWE is open competition if other pays more than you dont sweat from it.
if other pay less dont sweat for it u always can buy more and sell more.

I jnow, but to what you said about PWE CHALLENGE. It’s different from the thread I was referring too… It’s not the price, it’s the people trying to manipulate it.

Buy Smaller stacks …
u need lots more … still new and older want sell smaller stacks off.
If u want pay more from ur stacks just pay don’t blame others if u don’t stand at PWE and fill endless orders or set to sell, everything is all about your own activity do u buy or sell and how much.