[SUGGESTION] Medical Update

Hello everyone, i am here with another suggestion!
Is it good or bad for the game? reply down below!

  • The Medical Update
    This update includes Medical Tools, Medical Prizes (Common to Legendary) and more!

  • Details
    If this update exists, a new item pack will be released and will be named Medical Pack
    the pack costs 5,000 gems (depends to the developers). not obtainable in any other way.
    Inside the Medical Pack consists of new various consumables and items:

x1 Medical Kit
(Medical Kit is an consumable item, pressing the item will give you a new button [OPEN] when opened, inside of it consists of x10 of every surgical tools needed for the patient)

Tools obtained after opening the kit

x20 - Medical Marker

  • Pre-operative marking has a significant role in promoting correct site surgery , including operating on the correct side of the patient and/or the correct anatomical location or level (such as the correct finger on the correct hand).

x10 - Medical Scalpel

  • Scalpel is an essential dermatological tool used “for making skin incisions, tissue dissections, and a variety of surgical approaches since the onset of ‘modern’ surgery

x10 - Medical Anesthesia

  • General anesthesia is an anesthetic used to induce unconsciousness during surgery

x10 - Medical Clamps

  • Prevents patients from losing their blood.

x10 - Medical Blood Transfusion

  • If the patient’s blood is low and is needed to be replaced with.

x10 - Medical Scissors

  • Surgeons use surgical scissors during an operation in order to cut tissues at the surface or inside the pixelian’s body

x10 - Medical Antiseptic

  • Cleans the area before taking the surgery.

x10 - Bone Saw

  • used to cut down the part of the bone and is needed to be replaced with.

x10 - Medical Pins

  • Used to fix shattered bones. When used, a shattered bone turns into a broken bone.

x10 - Medical Splint

  • Used to fix the broken bone of the patient.

x10 - Medical Sponge

  • Used to clean out the patients area (either its covered with blood or etc)

x10 - Medical Defibrillator

  • When the patient is experiencing 50-50 in surgery.

x10 - Medical Bandages

  • Used if the patient is done in his surgery.

x10 - Medical Antibiotics

  • used if the patient experiences fevers.

x10 - Disease Detecter

  • used to diagnose the patient. except car accident, wounds. or so)'only detects diseases like yellow fever and more.


Brain Injury
Nether Shot
Serious Wounds
Broken Bones
Car Accident
Bitten by your pet
Bone Fracture
Mosquito Bite (Denque)
Yellow Fever

the developers can add more diseases if they want too…

Medical Prizes can be obtained after taking someone into surgery.
Medical Prizes:
x1 - Stethoscope (Neck item)

  • Increases the chances of completing surgies without complication
    x1 - Male Doctor Set/ Female Doctor Set (Pants to Dress Item)
  • Will give autority to surgery players in a Medical Bed. increased chances of tools returning to your inventory.
    x1 - Medical Recycler (Prop item, wrenchable)
  • Recycling any item based on medical/surgery (tools or prizes) will be converted to gems, xp and more tools!
    x5 - Medical Bed (Prop item, breedable)
  • Where you can surg- the player

the developers can add more prizes if this gets added*

You can get 500 gems, xp and medical prizes if you’ve surged players and the player you’ve surged too will recieve 100 gems but no xp.

the design for player surging would be wrenching the player and will recieve the ‘’ Surgery Player’’ button above PLAYER INFO. as long as the player is standing at the medical bed.
after pressing it, the player should recieve all the tools and will recieve this:

imagine this trade icon, but with 14 slots that includes the tools’ name. and the blue area should be telling what the patient is experiencing or is needed to use Diease Detecter.
Wished i can edit it, but im bad at it. and not to mention, i dont know what app i should use.

What do you think?

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This is literally Growtopia, just other names. - This would be kind of copying them.

Won’t agree on this, sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

Pixel Worlds isn’t taking the ideas from GT, they were only inspired by some features from it.


If the way to implement is different sure would be cool, like some minigame as fishing…
But yea, as Mysterious said, this is the same as GT


well, i tried changing it. i was thinking of an actual surgery like showing off a patients legs and you can cut if off by scaplei.

thanks for the repiles.
rest assured. we wont make this game into zootopia. the reason why i made the thread ‘‘what if surgery update exist’’ is to insure if this is a good idea or not.

i like this new update if add ingame.what is gt too

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Gt is growtopia 20 char

1nb4 I deem you the king of topics with a mighty48 topics and 16 this week

what do you mean?? are you refering to me replying to every single threads. i can stop…

Dude I don’t mind it was a compliment or at least I meant it to be

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Thanks for the compliment! thought your saying it impolitely.

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Unfortunately it is a direct copy and paste of the surgical update of GT, and we do not copy GT here. Although I did love and profited primarily from surgery back in my old GT days, so if there would be some way to change this up to not be a direct copy then I would wholeheartedly support it.

I want to change it, instead of showing off the surgical tools in the screen, a pop up screen showing someone’s head or legs and we are the ones who’s going to surg it (surgery simulator in game), and the blood won’t be showing up for sensitive people.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

I like that one lmao

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Even though they disagree, if the pack cost 5,000 gems and you get that alot of items only from the pack itself, its just OP

But it actually makes those items just cheap or smth

As what the thread said " 5,000 gems or the choice of the developers "