[SUGGESTION] Scifi Booster Shoes

Hello, yes another suggestion. Feed backs? Reply the thread.

Shoes that makes you float from the ground! the shoes releases smokes when jumping. The ability of the item will be long jump.
This item will be considered Legendary and is available in the SciFi Pack.

Is it to op? Because I do.

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to op i guess long jump item are actually expensive and even shoes will not be that expensive lol even legendary on scifi pack will be hard because there is just 2 legendary in the booster

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Makes item to Legendary+ and is obtainable in the pack by 0.5%, now it will be expensive ok nvm

:laughing: and btw i want devs to add love jetpack and clover jetpack because i love jetpackssssssssssss

Try suggesting it?!
Clover jet packs should be around UR to L

you mean make a topic

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Mods have these kind of shoes. Its way too op and developement wont add any New item to “already existing” booster pack.
But good suggestion
Keep it up👍