SUGGESTION speech gives item

this new suggestio everytime you using speech potion there will be something that gives you something!

  1. nether vendor
    use pink earring and go close to vendor and say ‘‘kakorampilobam’’ (random :joy:)
    gives 50 nether ember (you only can do it 1 time)

  2. leprechaun
    during st patrick use elf potion speech say ‘‘gold are the best!’’ gives 1 free cloverleaf

  3. santa booster
    using santa speech and say ‘‘ho ho ho ho ho!’’ and after 5 second go to booster buy the xmas booster gives 1 random ultra rare (also only can use once)

  4. leprechaun (again)
    when the st patrick just only 5 days left use elf speech and say ‘‘only few days until its over!’’ gives 10 cloverleaf

w h a t d o y o u t h i n k ?

everything only can be used one time


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  1. you can just use alts, easy nether jp blueprint
  2. 2 & 4 it kinda ruins the point of the pots of gems event.
  3. way too OP

Honestly the prizes would have to be smaller for this to work. I think, the gold earrings should not be included. Not coming back as well as making it more p2w.

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i forgot to add only for lvl 80 to 150 :joy:
so it will be harder

i thnik btw

vanoy then you can just share with your friends

wdym? (20 characters)

This is just stupid.