Summer Event not so bad

I thought I’d try and put a bit of positive spin on the Summer Event after all the neg. talk.

So in the space of 90mins i have broken and farmed …lol

40 flower of summer blocks
53 ice creams

Plus some more budget items gone.

That is a decent amount of money there

Pic is current level of stock… I have already sold loads.

Most recent would be 100 flower blocks for 7,5k

:sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:

Nice dude. I bet I can’t even get a single clam chest thingy, even If I break all of them.

I’ve learnt from previous events it’s way cheaper to buy said item …

I broke over 50 piñjata and got nothing same for the Fri 13th calender i didn’t break as many of those

Here i broke the first dozen i got … Found a chest on the 7th one … . The rest nope

I placed a few and will keep some .

Just buy them on a low offer get your timing right … Cheap as chips !

I reckon if someone wanted too they could still get a full stack of those flowers …that’s 75k++. I haven’t made it my be all yet I’ve had over around 300 in all …

Last week i filled a farm with an even mix of the trees . Break them during the event time and they drop a few of the blocks as well. I also haven’t used any potions this weekend you just don’t need to for flowers.

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Most of my time is those darn carts and a some other farming and my world hunting …