Supply and Demand - Pixel World Economy Basics

Have you ever seen items drop and rise? Here are some of the reasons :

Supply and Demand

  • If I’m not wrong, if the demand is bigger than the supply then the price rises up, but if demand is lower than the supply, the price would fall

News and Announcements

  • Let’s picture Pixel Worlds as our stock seller and us as the stockholders, let’s say they announced that there will be a better section where the stock would rise higher, this would cause the past stock holders to want to sell them as quickly as possible, causing the supply to be higher than the demand, causing the price to go down

Please note that i’m not a business expert so take it with a grain of salt :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

many monkeys want banana
there are only 2 bananas
they offer to pay more and more for banana because they need it
suddenly 10,000 bananas drop from the sky
now monkeys have enough banana for all of them so they no longer pay high price for banana