Suspension of game support/closing of servers

So uhhh…game is kind like completely died and economy is broken so, when game will get shutted down? I mean, there is no chance to get it back from the dead, just agreed that game is died and that is end

What ?

That’s not true.

I’ve been selling so much stuff I can’t keep up with the buyers!

Somebody is buying.

Plus several sales world’s are constantly full, pixel station is very busy at times … Plenty seemed to be doing secret base (just finished)

There used to be way more ppl

Yeah , and at times there are still a lot.

For me the biggest changes are the player base and also how it’s way more solo than it was originally… Clans are a shadow of what they used to be imo

But the game still works , let’s face it for a noob there is so much to do. The games owners know this and for them it’s almost enough .

Are these guys so rich they couldn’t care less? It certainly seems that way at times , even if thats far from the truth …

One other thing players do come back even after several years… Which shows how good it was and more importantly how little else there is out there like it …

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Honestlii might not reallii be “because of how good it is”
I know a few, like myself after mentallii checking out from pixel worlds onlii play to chat to friends who don’t use generic social media such as Whatsapp, and even Discord, and for those of us who are “rich” to giveaway and make a “funner” ? place for some others before the enevitable happens.

Game is quarter of my childhood, as Growtopia was what i originallii grew up on, and swapped to PW due to toxicitii and being banned after having my username scammed [and some other drama], but, times change, friendships change, but most of the playtime now, is either for the friends who’re still there… until… they’re gone…

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that’s most likely because byte coins (hundreds of billions) have been duplicated in the past few months

It’s not . It’s new players . Why would old accounts by so much average stuff? And I mean all kinds of things

One thing I see on the forum and even discord the number of players is played down by many .

Either they just don’t play the game (enough) or they don’t go really step out side their regular haunt.

I am not exaggerating when I say I am making 10s and 10s of sales all the time on a broad range of anything in the game .

How the hell do you think they (pw) make any money if not so?

I do look at players account details often, usually cos I’m looking for true noobs to give away to. Real money bought wings is a good tell.

If you asked if I thought there enough players then I’d say of course not. However it is not as dead as some say

On this I am no