Tf maintanance again

why maintanance again bruh…the heck is happening to pw


Will there be a rollback?

The maintenance was for good reason, server were acting up and apparently there was another dupe hack going on :confused:

The whole maintenance charade is a little confusing to me, so I created a PW Forums account to get to the bottom of this nonsense.

Maintenance happens when they need to fix/maintain something in game.

Happens for almost every online game.
In this games case it’s a big fix or a really bad exploit

I’m not concluding that it’s legitimate, and players are open to speculation, but there’s been rumors going around about a new scam regarding player to player trading. According to people I’ve spoken to, the wielders of this scam are capable of directly withdrawing items from the inventory of the receiving end, and doing so without them accepting.

I wonder why all of this stuff is coming out of nowhere right after the devs left…

Cuz dev was good boi xD

Devs (20 characters)

Probably because they were the ones who kept the game in order. The OG mods/devs were experienced and kept things from becoming chaotic, now that they’re absent, PW is in the hands of both the community, and a few blockheads. The community is willing to exploit the game in whichever way they find necessary for their own benefit, and the guys running the game are clueless.