That world CM

So I go to visit it to see what all the fuss is about

If you take a camera and look at the WL in top left corner it has clearly decayed but has been closed.

The only player who could do this would be an admin or someone with full mod rights

Why are PW doing this?

Just let it decay and be damned… It’s part of the game…
So what if it fills up with everyones lesser locks …or some one somehow bags it.

Can anyone explain?

Actually here’s the pic

Nope, this happens when a player is in the world the moment it decays

I’ve seen this and tried it myself in my lock game… The lock decays and yes does not recover until the player has left the world.

But the lock is open not closed. I remember being able to open and close a decayed lock which was super weird. …

This one is closed … Are sure WLs decay in a closed position cos SL do not

Only admin rights or owner can do that to the lock . Players with full rights can’t change them, or are the rules different cos it’s decayed?

i honestly didn’t understand what’s with that world because there are no pets which means others should have been able to instantly break things, now you saying someone of admin status edited the lock should make sense but i feel like the decayed lock mechanic should allow to break no matter the conditions (although it is true that when a lock decays it automatically shifts itself to open; decayed locks transform back to normal but stay open if the owner returns)

that’s the case only when there are pets in the world because those need the world to refresh and save in order to disappear and it only happens when there is no one in the world (which is also how rollback duplication method has been abused by players without any hacks during unstable servers days!)

Still same, I just checked.

I am 99.9% sure someone with mod rights has done this . If so this is just another example of a bad moderator… what other stupid sh1te has this player done I ask myself?

We all want a laugh but It’s not the job of mods to tease players. This is the sort of thing admin should check and then deal with.

One small point when I did this with a small lock I was able to open and close the lock at will in it’s broken state. There were no pets involved, just other players, the only thing I can’t remember is if other accounts also had rights on the lock or not - it’s possible that these combinations highlight a glitch. I remember being disappointed that when I returned to the world the lock had recovered :joy:, however it recovered in its closed state…which is how I left it and actually quite cool to see

As I suspected I did take a pic of my own locks
Notice one is open the other closed

only admins can edit any and all locks, kind of funny because it strengthens the idea of someone owning an admin status account and this feels like a kind of trolling charon would do

I agree, and thought exact same.

I didn’t know a full mod level couldn’t open locks… Interesting