The Best Set problem, and some suggestion

Yo again
I just want to ask…
What the heck is this?

The best set needs some improvements, because right now it is so stupid.
Where is that set “green”???
What I suggest to do: admins should check if the top 1 set follows the topic, if it doesn’t - top 2 set wins if it follows the topic

And also a personal opinion: ik it all depends if the players like it or not, players rate after all. But I want to somehow stop people using the same set over and over.
For example MysteriousGuyDK got 2 victories with the same set and topic “Any”.

And now the suggestion part

  1. Make a set using an item
  2. Make a set without using these items
  3. Combined topics, like “Funny” and “Black”
  4. Not only the best set, but also a 2nd and 3rd place
  5. Skip, sometimes both sets are not following the topic

I am done


From what I know, Admins can’t interfere with the Competition unlike WOTW hence being a community’s choice. It’s very unlikely for them to make changes/do something with the voting system since it’s been discussed here for ages. If that’s what the community wants, so be it.

Oh crap, I didn’t meant it in a racist way

This is the actual winner as BW said, something’s making different sets appear as the winner (I think it happened in other 2 themes, forgot which)

That would force alot of people to have to buy those items and people would end up not being able to participate since they’re all looking for the same items so the item would just be sold out on the market and be hard to find

You’d have to list out alot of items and I don’t think it would be a nice addition

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No matter how many suggestions that are thrown, alt accounts will still be the major issue.

Remember, this game is dead. The only ones voting are probably only around 100-ish people…
That being said…
75 Alts was enough to rig the whole contest for me.

That’s why we need a level requirement to vote. At least 50. It can greatly reduce the amount of alts being used without completely stopping it. Unless there are madmen who will grind so hard just to win the best set, and I doubt that people will put in that much effort.

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Literally only EPWR needs to be banned. It looks cool and appealing to the little kids that vote, so it almost always wins.

BestSet is already unfair because of how hard to get and expensive the EPWR token is.

There is no other item that is present in that many winning sets.

Same goes for the entry requirements. I see a lot of good sets getting outshined/blocked by Subject sets or sets that simply have Basic Clothes Pack on them.

Not only does this benefit the people that are actually joining, it also saves new players from wasting their gems.

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There aren’t enough people that care or use the feature

Exactly! 75 alt accounts are simply enough to outcompete the real players that are voting.

That’s 375 votes from alt accounts for the whole week, compared to the daily 50 votes people do.

maybe 25? Because i think 50 is too much

50 would be more effective but 25 is okay. I said 50 because it’s a lot easier to level up nowadays

I don’t agree. 50+ XP is no walk in the park

The best set competition is more of a flex than a fun activity and if you can afford to partecipate, your level should be high so I would consider even 50 low. Plus there are ways to go from level 1 to level 200 in around 2 days.