The best set update might be forgotten soon

my point is that with at least 1000 entrants what is the point of entering the best set contest to have any chance you must spend at least 100 wls on the set (unless you already have a set that fits the theme)

you may disagree but to make a set that will win you have to spend wls the 1000 gems isnt the problem its the spending of wls on buying a set that could actually win after weeks of spending lots of wls on items and not winning any times ppl might stop doing it this is just my opinion what do you guys think

thats why i dont think i will enter the best set contest anymore

You don’t lose 100+ wls you can sell the clothes after

i already knew that but it does take up your time and chances are you could easily lose wls and remember your gonna get nothing from it the chances of you winning are about 200/1 im guessing

hmm i suppose but i just think that eventually people might never win and kind of just stop doing it