The biggest clan donation ever! (video)

Hey, in this video i decided to something huge. Something huge like perhaps… DONATING 5 MILLIONS GEMS to my clan!

Soooo yea… technically, you can’t do a bigger donation than this one because of the gem limit capped by the totem.

Hope you’ll enjoy the video!

Here, i’ll leave a link to my previous thread i did a while ago to show a screenshot teasing the video:


imagine some madlad coming and donating 5.000.001 gems

The limit you can donate is 5m gems… you can’t donate more than this in one donation.

Pro co-leader :sunglasses:

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ah alr. (20 characters)

Top ten silly ways to become poor

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Top ten ways to realize that I’m poorer than a road beggar :'D

Let’s goo! I’m in the chat hehe

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Imagine being in a clan then the co leader just randomly donates 5 MILLION Gems.
(from my perception because everybody was saying dam (the water reservoir…?) There which probably indicates she did it randomly)

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