The chat needs to support more letters

The chat doesn‘t support even nearly all the letters that most of the languages have, for example the Kazakh letters Ә, Ғ, Қ, Ң, Ө, Ұ, Ү and Һ. Also some pre-revolutionary Russian letters: ѣ, ѵ and ѳ.

Also, the ALT codes don’t work. What I mean is that if you want to type for example these «quotation marks» on PC, you need to use Alt + 0171 for « and Alt + 0187 for ». Also to type —, you need to use Alt + 0151 but none of these is possible because the ALT codes don‘t work at all in Pixel Worlds.


Your good suggestions fall on deaf ears, lad.
…And all the more valuable for it.

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Me trying to write on old bulgarian but unfortunately most of it is censored.
Let’s not talk about how some words that mean nothing bad are censored.

me trying to say “to” in bulgarian