The dark world lock

Is it just me who feels like they should add it into the byte vendor? I have a few dark locks and I have no idea what to do with them

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Put them in a world and gm you sell “dark world lock”

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The gm cost half of the price of dark wl :rofl:


Tried that, no one wants a dark world lock because it’s practically useless other than aesthetically

Well rip…

well, while it’s untradeable now the only way to get it is from the shop for 28k gems so no

My question is why don’t they add it into the byte vendor for the same amount of bytes as gems, similar to how they added world locks into the byte vendor for 219 bytes

keep ur dl for the daily quest there is a quest name is ridding darkness that it requires u to recycle dl for 15k gems


DLs?! Dirt Locks?!!! Or is it diamond lock

dark lock… (20 characters)

Its dwl since its dark world lock

ppl dont use that word dwl define as dark world lock mate